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title: Waiting for personal attention
project: a performance in an installation
location: Voorheen Het Archief, The Hague
curator: Voorheen Het Archief (Rob Knijn, Marjolijn van der Meij, Arianne Olthaar, Sanny Overbeeke, Roman Volgin, Jeroen van der Velden)
material: attention
size: maximum, till exhaustion
description: Each visitor was invited to take a number at the entrance and wait his turn in a large waiting room (with a clock, chairs, tables, plants, magazines, a coffee corner and waiting music). For three hours I gave 36 visitors as much personal attention as possible in about 5 minutes each. The personal conversations took place in a small consulting room (with one table and two chairs) adjoining the large waiting room. After each conversation I thanked my visitor and asked him/her to send in the next person.
concept: A reverse of the customary attention flow during an exhibition or performance. A change of positions between artist and audience. The tension between giving and taking, between talking and listening, between waiting and being waited for.