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SOON manifesto
SOON is everyone's.
Anything and anyone can connect to SOON.
Everything that connects, belongs to SOON.
SOON has no owners, authors or members.
SOON is meant to be used.
SOON is neither work of art nor article.
SOON is neither cloak nor pseudonym.
SOON is no trend, style, fashion or ism.
SOON is no company, institute, union or club.
SOON is no brand or logo.
SOON does not need protection or registration.
SOON functions centrifugally instead of centripetally.
SOON does not appropriate, but distributes.
SOON is prodigal.
SOON is a gift.
SOON is a meme.
SOON is about decommercializing and deprofiting ideas.
SOON is neither archives nor container.
SOON is a flexible, dynamic context.
SOON is a context for culture and artificiality.
SOON is a self-generating, self-organizing network.
SOON is a network of semimanufactures.
SOON is a generator of reflection, transformation and dissemination.
SOON brings about the collection of SOONs.
SOON is hors d'oeuvre.
SOON is inverted consistency.
SOON developes and renews in time.
SOON is always current.
SOON is not new, but ever different.
SOON is not subject to any manifesto.
SOON is a free variable.
SOON is a word that wants to be name and a name that wants to be word.
SOON is neither person, thing, place nor time.
SOON is desire.
SOON means co-authorship.
SOON is not imperialistic.
SOON doesn't tend to growth or expansion.
SOON does not demand anything.
SOON is not measurable in any way.
SOON is an atmosphere, a wave, a mood.
SOON is a possibility.
SOON is polykinetic.
SOON is suspense.
SOON is coming soon.
SOON text by HW Werther, 1999 - 2002