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REALISATIONS (1997-2004)

Make an animal out of mucus.
Make a cool peace.
Make something you canít imagine.
Make a mediocre work.
Make an object everyone loves.
Make a work that makes you shriek with laughter.
Make a nothing.
Make a painting to sit on.
Make an oily object.
Make a huge mass without holes.
Make a hairy ball.
Make an object to exhibit in the stomach.
Make an exhibition of eyelashes.
Make an exhibition on your head.
Make a work on idleness.
Make the worst work youíve ever seen.
Make a work in 60 seconds.
Make a work with 20 people in 10 minutes.
Make a work to sleep in.
Make an original reproduction.
Make a work in your supermarket without being noticed.
Make a work without using your body.
Make a work to send it as far as you can by mail.
Make an object you want to sleep with.
Make a thing that turns you on.
Make a thing that sells as hell.
Make yourself.
Make a fake of yourself.
Make a happy piece.
Make a real life.
Make a paper bag.
Make blood.
Make an attraction spot.
Make a work to be left in a train.
Make a diagram of intuition.
Make a cloud.
Make a hole in a hole.
Make a wearable building.
Make an edible movie.
Make a puffy fluff.
Make something out of nothing.
Make nothing out of something.
Make a decorative algorithm.
Make a fire to play with.
Make a purple possibility.
Make a photograph without reality.
Make an instant exhibition.
Make your hand with your hand.
Make a collection of collections of collections.
Make a sticky mantelpiece.
Make a putty face.
Make an exhibition of candy.
Make the smallest exhibition you can imagine.
Make your mother.