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album: Patent, Fil-I-Safe, H.H.H., G8Z S O O N album - HW Werther S O O N album - Mieke van Schaijk S O O N album - Margriet Kemper
SOON album rules:

1.   A SOON album happening, meeting or show is called SOON album club followed by a number (e.g. SOON album club #1).

2.   SOON album uses the Patent, Fil-I-Safe, H.H.H., G8Z stamp-album as a drawing collection album.

3.   A SOON album drawing measures either 3.5x4.5 cm, 4x4 cm or 4.5x3.5 cm.

4.   The paper of a SOON album drawing is white or whitish and is minimum 80 grammes and maximum 200 grammes.

5.   A SOON album drawing is a hand-made original (no reproduction, photo, photocopy, computerprint, etc).

6.   A SOON album drawing is made with drawing techniques in black or colour (no collage, painting, grafic art, etc).

7.   Each SOON album drawing has a different code (e.g. SOON #HW888-001) written in pencil on the back.

8.   Each SOON album drawing is at the same time a SOON and follows therefore the SOON propositions.

9.   Other people can join SOON album by invitation only.

S O O N album club #1
SOON album club #1
Artis, 's-Hertogenbosch
December 13, 2001